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Top Four Paving Issues Experienced Asphalt Contractors In Seattle Can Help You Address

Do you need quality asphalt paving in Seattle? AC Paving Northwest has the most reliable paving services in Seattle and surrounding cities! Call (425) 888-1700 today for a free quote! Maintaining the value of your properties requires a substantial commitment of resources and time. Proper paving improves the aesthetic appeal and the overall value of any property. Choosing quality paving materials will help you construct durable and attractive pavements that meet your expectations. The integrity of such surfaces diminishes if you neglect them for an extended period. Luckily, you can prolong the life of your pavement through regular professional maintenance services. The rest of this post outlines the top four paving issues that experienced Asphalt Contractors in Seattle can help you address.


Pavements and roads lose rocks and asphalt through breakdown after continued use. The thickness of the pavements decreases, and the uneven gravel rubs off the remaining asphalt. Water begins to seep down the surface, worsening the issue, if not averted in time. As such, it is prudent to apply an asphalt patch if the raveling is in a small section. However, you need to call us for professional repair services if the deterioration is extensive to help you restore the damaged pavement.


Poor compaction when paving causes depressions that present as low areas that do not get the sufficient paving materials. Debris and water collected in the depressions can compromise the integrity and wear the pavement if not fixed quickly. Contact us whenever you need licensed asphalt paving companies near me for quality repair since a temporary fix may not solve the problem. At AC Paving Northwest, we remove paving materials from the affected area and fill the poor subgrade with a compact patch. Such an approach gives you a permanent solution and a sure way to get rid of depressions.


Potholes affect your pavement integrity as they penetrate through the layers down the bottom part. They occur due to alligator cracking that occurs over time, creating chunks of pavement that disassemble when vehicles run over them. Repairing such holes requires our professional input to prevent the problem from recurring. We have the machines and expertise to patch the potholes while leveling the surface to restore its integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Alligator Cracking

Fatigue cracking mainly occurs due to weak base, thin pavement, overloading, and a combination of all these aspects. It is prudent to take prompt action to prevent the deterioration of cracks once they form on the pavement. We offer comprehensive restoration services by digging below the surface to establish the underlying issue and strengthen the base. You can choose parking lot seal coating or apply crack fillers as a short-term approach to prevent water and debris from entering the cracks.

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