Parking Lots

The Affordable Solution that only a Professional Parking Lot Maintenance Contractor Can Provide

Whether you’re considering a new parking lot or just giving your existing one a fresh new look, making a good impression is important. Don’t let deteriorating asphalt show unsightly sand piles, loose rock, or dirt and grass accumulated in cracks. It’s a fact that an unattractive parking lot turns off would-be customers, tenants, and visitors. Regular asphalt maintenance from an experienced contractor like AC Paving is the best way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your parking lot and reduce driving hazards. As a plus, asphalt can easily be re-layered without removing old material to restore a brand new “black” look, saving lots of money over the long term.

Our asphalt patching services ensure parking lot safety is a top priority. Potholes, formed by cracks which allow water to seep in and undermine sub layers, are fixed to restore durable smooth driving surfaces. Curbing, wheel stops, and well-planned striping communicates safety information to visitors while adding visual appeal to your service entry. Let our team help design a parking lot that delivers a professional and polished look for your business.

Asphalt Overlay

Is your asphalt in overall good condition? An overlay of a second asphalt layer over an existing one to improve appearance and durability may be the perfect solution. In most cases, small areas of deterioration including cracks, loose areas or potholes will need to be fixed first by cutting and patching. We take great measures to avoid asphalt failure by ensuring edges of asphalt are not tapered down, as think edges are susceptible to heavy weights. Instead, we saw cut butt joints to ensure working areas and edges are level, particularly where they meet other structures such as doors or curbs.

It’s not uncommon for many of our clients to contact us after a less reputable contractor has completed a low-quality overlay, costing them time and money. Typical shortcuts might include skipping the primer to bind asphalt layers or not creating professional edges. If extensive asphalt deterioration exists, an overlay of asphalt may only result in “reflective cracking,” or the appearance of new cracks over original subsurface cracks. A successful overlay is one that delivers a fresh new look with all surfaces flush and perfectly integrated with bordering structures.

Asphalt Patching

Do you have a small asphalt repair project? Asphalt patching is a cost-effective alternative to repaving a brand new driveway, sports court or parking lot. There are different types of asphalt patching techniques. Surface patching, whereby asphalt glue is applied to the area requiring patching, is a common option for residential patching. This solution does not require cutting out and replacing affected asphalt areas.

Removal and replacement asphalt patching costs a little more but offers more permanent results. This is the best choice for base failure, or cases where the asphalt foundation itself is damaged. It’s also a good choice for repair in high traffic spots. In this process, the area is cut out so that the base is ready to adhere to the new asphalt. A multi-step process is the key to top results; we begin with thorough cleaning (to ensure strong tacking) and leveling out base edges and working areas so that they are compact. Removal of decayed asphalt is essential to ensure complete cohesion. Finally, asphalt should be applied in layers for quality permanent results.

Importantly, for reasons of safety and quality assurance, hot asphalt patching should only be done by experienced professionals. Asphalt mixes must be kept at the right temperature, applied with the right thickness and leveled with the right tools and equipment. Call us first!

If you have any questions regarding our parking lot maintenance, overlay, or patching services, we invite you to give us a call at 425-888-1700 today.