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As with any investment, regular checking of curbs for cracks or imperfections will ensure longevity. While it may seem unusual that a curb can become worn, in reality, curbs are in constant contact with tires and other damaging objects. At AC Paving Northwest, Inc., we can provide reliable maintenance to keep your curbs in peak condition or responsive repair to restore the safety and functionality of your property.

Wheel stops are an important feature of any parking area and serve many functions. They help drivers align vehicles to ensure they are parked safely. In many cases, visibility is reduced in parking stalls and wheel stops signal to the driver how much space is allotted. Accidents can be prevented by using wheel stops to discourage drivers from pulling their vehicles forward. Also, curbs define the dimensions of parking lot areas and protect landscaped areas. As a plus, asphalt curbing also helps manage water runoff. Not sure about where to place wheel stops? Let the experts at AC Paving help you make the best choices for your parking lot to enhance overall safety and flow.

Prevent tripping hazards and enhance aesthetics. Extruded curb is the most common curb which uses a dry mixture allowing for immediate finishing. It is placed in a mechanized extruded curbing machine. Curbing to repair or replace broken surface immediately restores the original look of pavement, resulting in both increased safety and better aesthetics.

Extruded curbs or pre-cast curbs have key advantages: they’re long lasting, economical, can be placed directly onto an asphalt base once the exact position is determined. It’s important to hire professionals to handle installation of new curbs as there are many safety and quality issues to consider. For example, the curb must be properly secured to a clean base free of debris and treated to ensure protection from moisture and erosion. Depending on design preferences, different types (molds) of asphalt curbs are available, such as rounded or flat top.

For severely damaged curbs, a curb repair may not be the best solution. A multi-step process may be required. In this case, a curb must be removed and replaced with a newly molded curb, and the asphalt layer underneath restored as well. In most cases, however, a curb repair to restore safety features and a professional appearance will suffice.

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