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A Guide To Asphalt Driveway Installation

A driveway that is constructed from asphalt will last up to fifteen years if it is constructed properly, as asphalt is a resilient, maintenance and durable substrate. Heavy-duty equipment will be required for asphalt driveway installation if it is going to be completed correctly. Incorrectly installed asphalt will not last very long and you will end up with holes in it.

When you want to install an asphalt driveway at your home you will need to hire the correct equipment or get a contractor in to do the work. When it comes to getting a new driveway the first task is to find a reliable contractor who can do a good job on the project that you want to be done. It is important to always hire a contractor that you feel that you can trust.

Have discussions with a few contractors and get a few quotes before deciding which contractor to sign up with. Be careful of contractors who promise to be able to do the job at a discounted rate.

The first part in the process will be to remove the current driveway and this may require the breaking of existing concrete and the area will need to be cleaned. It is important that there are no oil stains or grease. To obtain drainage on your driveway it is important to have a suitable gradient so that the water is able to run off the surface. Before laying the new driveway run a hose from the top of the driveway so that you can see which way the water runs.

A mold about a quarter of a foot will need to be created and any holes will need to be filled in to ensure adequate drainage. The soil base will need to be compacted using a twin drum roller and make sure that the soil is properly compacted. Use crushed rock to cover the soil base in the driveway then pack it into the soil. The soil base will need to be left for a week prior to the asphalt being laid.

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