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New Home Asphalt Driveway Project Completed In North Bend, WA

A new home build in North Bend, Washington is the location of our latest project. Our technicians completed the residential project in a single day. There were five people who arrived at the location and efficiently and safely did the preparation and pavement of the new asphalt driveway. Before starting the actual paving, we met with the customer to determine the parameters of the project and prepare an estimate.

North Bend, Washington is located on the outskirts of the Seattle, Washington Metro area. With a population of just under 6800 people in 2016, the community is a popular suburban community which is a popular site for new home construction. Individuals who work for one of the major employers in the area look for places to live which will allow them to easily commute to the job location.

We are proud to be a part of the many construction projects in the area. We work in a fifty-mile radius of our Renton, Washington base. The paving project for a new home project in North Bend was done according to our usual high-quality standards. We installed a brand new driveway for a new home according to the standards which will help the property to sell quickly and at an attractive price.

When working on a driveway project, there are several things which affect the results. The grade of the asphalt and the thickness of the product affect both the appearance and the longevity of the results. The North Bend project, in particular, was constructed with three-inches of compacted Class B Asphalt. The edge was sealed with AR-4000.

The factors of materials used include its smoothness, composition, and permeability. When there are cracks or breaks in the surface, water can work its way down through the asphalt into the soil beneath the asphalt. Freezing and thawing of a paving surface will cause any breaks in the surface to become more serious. Further protection of this asphalt surface is provided by the AR 4000 application on the edges of this paving material.

AC Paving Northwest has teams of professionals who have the knowledge and experience to complete their projects, including the North Bend project. We sent five of our people with the requisite amount of training and expertise to complete the job. It only required one day on the job site. During the period, we prepared the site and applied the paving materials. It was compressed and smoothed. We then cleaned up our work area and left.

We always ensure that we use the appropriate equipment for each job we contract. In North Bend, we brought a paver, roller, compactor and skidsteer. The size and choice of equipment allow us to complete each project quickly and accurately. The personnel who operate the equipment are focused on completing the project with long-lasting results.

The asphalt paving contractor works with each customer to determine the best balance between cost and quality. The product meets the quality standards for the State of Washington and the process of application of our paving products was done according to the highest industry standards.

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