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Leading Asphalt Patching Contractor Outline Some Basics You Should Know

If you have an asphalt parking lot or driveway, you should protect it from cracks and holes among other defects. Proper maintenance will keep your pavements aesthetically appealing and also ensure that they do not pose safety concerns. Compared to other repair options such as resurfacing, patching is quick and cost effective. Contact us immediately if you need the best asphalt patching contractor, because we strongly recommend scheduling for repairs as soon as you identify minor issues of concern.

Getting your driveways patched will save you time and money. Repaving can be tough on your wallet, especially if you schedule for a service after your surfaces have suffered extensive damage. A repaving project will also be time consuming and we may need more than a few days to get the job done. To patch small cracks, we use fillers and depending on the size of your driveways, one day may be enough to complete the project.

Dips, bulges, cracks and potholes can compromise the safety of your surfaces. Patching will make your parking lot and driveways instantly safe by removing defects that can cause injuries and damage to your cars. In case you own a commercial property, an accident can leave you battling with personal injury lawsuits.

Getting small cracks patched will protect the surface as well as the foundation of the structure. We will inspect the sand and gravel beneath the surfaces and ensure they are in perfect shape before we pour new asphalt on the cracks. This will ensure that your pavements are well protected from further damage caused by erosion.

Our training and years of experience allows us to use various asphalt patching approaches. Irrespective of the weather, we can use cold patches because they are durable and excellent in case you need emergency services. If your parking lot has cracks and potholes, we can use hot mixes though the project will be more time consuming. In this case, we use heat to remove damaged areas before filling and sealing the cracks.

Prompt repairs are necessary for you to keep your pavements in a structurally sound state. If minor issues are overlooked for extended periods, they tend to grow bigger and more challenging to repair. You should call us for inspections the instant you notice any issues of concern.

We can lend a hand with both commercial and residential projects. Our attention to detail and overall quality of work is unmatched and you can trust us with any project size. We are also the right team to depend on if you need asphalt driveway or parking lot installation, resurfacing or replacement.

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