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As a home or business owner, one of your top responsibilities is making sure that your property is safe. If you overlook any area of your ongoing maintenance, you will be at risk of facing a personal injury suit. This is especially true when it comes to paved areas like parking lots and driveways. Read on to find out how quality asphalt patching in Renton can keep both you and your investment well-protected.

AC Paving Northwest can help you keep your business parking lots, delivery areas and other paved surfaces looking and functioning their very best. We know just how important it is for companies to maintain desirable and safe outdoor areas when it comes to drawing clients in and maintaining their ongoing patronage. Studies show that if customers do not find parking areas appealing, they’re highly unlikely to actually shop at the related businesses.

Patching services can be performed when paved areas begin to break down as the result of constant traffic and ongoing exposure to the natural elements. Situated in Northern Washington, Renton gets an extraordinary amount of rain during the fall, winter and spring seasons. Although asphalt is highly valued for its durability, efficiency and reliability, it is also known to start showing signs of wear and tear when exposed to these same factors.

Without patching and other repairs, damages can be expedited. When a single pothole develops, this means that the surface has been severely compromised. Moreover, these entry points allow extra water to get into the asphalt, thereby expediting its further breakdown and shortening its lifespan. Due to this fact, timely patching and repairs can help you preserve these investments for a significantly longer period of time.

One thing that you definitely want to think about is the safety of your guests and the safety of any vehicles that are negotiating these surfaces. Chips, cracks, potholes and other areas that are not perfectly level can result in serious physical and personal damages. A low-cost repair can help your company avoid a lot of frustration and unnecessary spending.

In addition to preventing the total deterioration of these surfaces and helping you avoid lawsuits, repair services can also limit the number of accidents that occur on your property. Damaged asphalt is actually one of the top causes of road accidents in the Washington area. Your property will look better and your parking lot will function a lot more efficiently.

We always start our work by first completing full inspections of the surfaces to be treated. Before patching any asphalt, we’ll take the time to make sure that this is the absolute best solution for your needs. Once the work is done, we can also ensure that the new striping matches your existing lot layout for assured functionality and efficiency.

When paved systems fail, AC Paving Northwest has a lot of affordable and reliable solutions available. Whether you need a full parking lot replacement or minor patching and repairs, we’re definitely the company to call. Get in touch with us now to learn more about how we can help keep your business protected, and looking and functioning its best.

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