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Benefits Of A Professional Asphalt Paving Company

When you want a paving job done correctly, you should hire a professional contractor who has plenty of decision-making experience in the field. Getting a new driveway, for example, can be quite exciting. At AC Paving Northwest, we’ll take care of the details so that the asphalt paving project turns out exactly as you intended.

Ensuring that the surface is level will be the first order of business. A smooth grade will be incredibly important, especially if people are going to be driving cars over it. We have the proper tools and equipment to ensure that asphalt is laid down smoothly and professionally.

Before a full job goes forward, you might wish to have cracks in the pavement filled. This usually occurs with a special tar-based material that is poured into the cracks and then sealed off and allowed to dry. Potholes are repaired in the same way.

If a parking lot for a commercial area has recently been paved, lot owners may wish to add stripes as soon as the pavement is dry. Carefully laid stripes will prevent accidents and direct drivers to locations where they cab park their cars. Both yellow and white paint are typically used in these painting projects.

Curbs can also be added once the asphalt is in place. Curbs are often painted yellow and placed near sidewalks to provide a buffer zone between drivers and pedestrians. We can ensure that each and every aspect of your parking lot is upgraded so that it looks elegant and new.

We can ultimately provide you with a price quote so that you’ll know how much the work will cost going forward. Once it has been completed, you can admire the new landscape. We can handle both residential and commercial projects. Contact us for more information at your convenience!

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