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Leading Asphalt Repair Contractors Share Tips For Taking Care Of A Newly Installed Driveway

Driveway installation projects are not easy on the wallet. After making an investment, you have a vested interest in ascertaining that your driveways remain in excellent shape for as long as possible. There are care tips that can protect your surfaces from accidental damages and premature repairs. We are the best asphalt repair contractors and we can partner with you in keeping your driveways in excellent state for longer.

Temperature changes are notorious for making asphalt to crack. The material expands when temperatures are high and contracts when they drop. This expanding and contracting is normal, though it can cause considerable damage to the surfaces, especially during the winter. We can use crack fillers to address small imperfections to prevent them from causing larger issues.

It is good practice to use a hose and broom to clean your driveways each week. This will help remove the dirt, oils, dust and debris from the surfaces. Your driveway will last longer if you make a point of keeping it clean. Its longevity may also depend on how quick you are to call us to offer repairs when you notice holes, cracking and other signs of damage.

Right after the installation project is complete; you should direct traffic away from the pavements for at least three days. You can walk on them though you must not drive over them immediately after the paving is complete. In case you schedule for installs during the summer when the temperatures are high, wait for at least five days before driving or parking on the asphalt.

Your driveways will take about 6-12 months to harden completely and cure. This means that certain areas of the pavements may be soft until the asphalt cures completely. It is hence best not to park your heavy cars on the newly installed driveways because this can leave unsightly depressions.

To protect the surfaces from needless damage, you should not drive along the edges. This can cause crumbling, especially if you do not get side support features installed. We recommend building up the edges using top soil in order to keep the surface strong and sturdy. This should however be done after the material is completely cured, perhaps a year after installation.

We can offer you a whole range of services, including snow plowing during the winter. This may save you from using wrong snow removal techniques that can cause damage to your asphalt. You can also depend on us for dependable sealing and resurfacing services.

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