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AC Paving Northwest Completes Seattle Area Asphalt Repair Project In Des Moines, WA

Des Moines, Washington is the location of a recently completed project performed by our team of professionals. The asphalt repair job was a residential project where our team of workers prepared and paved additional parking areas for the homeowner. Our team of five technicians was able to travel to the job site and do the work safely and efficiently in just one day.

There are several factors which enter into the completion of this type of project. From the homeowners’ standpoint, care of any surrounding lawns or gardens is important, Our customers don’t want equipment trampling flower beds or leaving tread marks on the lawn. We plan every project to minimize the negative effects on the surrounding property and structures. We don’t consider the job to be finished until the mess is cleaned up. We are also as careful as possible about our impact on the noise and congestion level in the neighborhood while we are working.

The need for parking and easy access to the residence of the homeowner is a major reason for contacting our asphalt paving services. When there is a garage adjoining the residence and an automatic garage door opener, you can just drive into the dry and clean garage area and enter the residence directly. It is when additional vehicles arrive at the residence that the need for additional parking becomes apparent. We can identify areas where more paved parking spaces could be installed and get the project prepared and completed quickly.

There are several types of materials which can be utilized to create a smooth and level surface on which vehicles can be parked. These can include stone, bricks, concrete or asphalt. The preferences of the customer, the cost of the materials, the surface to be paved and other features all enter into the overall selection of the materials for the project.

In the case of our Des Moines project, the customer chose Modified Class B Asphalt for the paved surface and sealed the edges with AR-4000. Modified Class B is sometimes called Commercial Mix. According to the Washington State standards, the modified version is a finer gradation of the standard mix. It provides a smooth surface texture and doesn’t sacrifice strength. AR-4000 is the binder designation. It is effective in holding the mixture together and preventing breaking and scuffing.

We are very aware of the need for safety in all our operations and product handling. We also take care to ensure that our customers are not put at risk from the actions we take. We use common sense approaches to be aware of children, pets, vehicles and other hazards for maximum safety during our projects.

The right equipment for the specifications of each job we do is important. In the instance of the Des Moines project, we used a paver, roller, and skidsteer. These trade tools are vital to the appearance, durability, and effectiveness of the finished project.

AC Paving Northwest Inc., is an asphalt paving contractor firm founded on the delivery of complete customer satisfaction. We have been operating in the Greater Seattle area for nearly two decades. Our business is family-owned, licensed and bonded. Our philosophy and reputation calls for impeccable knowledge, expertise, and accountability.

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