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Benefits Of Asphalt Sealcoating In Seattle

Asphalt, being a durable and attractive pavement material, requires maintenance to maintain its best condition. AC Paving Northwest, INC provides such maintenance through offering Asphalt sealcoating in Seattle services. We aim at ensuring our services are made readily available to all clients.

Pavement can endure everything that Mother Nature and travelers have to offer, from oil spills and heavy rains to constant sun exposure and traffic. However, with time these aspects can lead to deterioration and fading. Seal coating by AC Paving Northwest, INC helps these surfaces function and look new again through covering old asphalt with emulsion sprays. Freshly sealed surfaces can restore the dark color and improve structural integrity.

Seal coating is a cosmetic procedure used in improving the appearance of aged and worn-out driveways, roads, and parking lots, which means that all cracks must be sealed and patched by professionals before the process begins. The sealing process involves pouring fillers into the cracks. After finishing the seal coating process, a 72-hour cure time will ensure the coating dries properly, thus preventing tracking and scuffing into the adjoining areas.

Seal coating should be used only when the paving surface starts to look worn and dry. This typically equates to somewhere between three and seven years, depending on the traffic volume and exposure to different elements. However, by applying a seal coat, you can widen the service lifespan leading to reduced maintenance costs. Sealing protects pavement from sunlight, gasoline, oxidation, and water. However, it should never be over-utilized since a build-up of seal coats on a surface can become too glossy.

You can believe in AC Paving Northwest, INC, to professionally apply seal-coating services to your residential or commercial property and ensure your surface serves you for many years. Our professionals have the best experience gained through many years of offering reliable services. Therefore feel free to call us today and learn more.

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