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What You Should Know About Curbing In Renton

Curbs, also known as wheel stops are important features of any type of parking areas. They are a safety feature to help align cars, as well as to protect features of the property such as structures and plantings. Are you looking for a knowledgeable professional who can help you install or repair curbing in Renton? Do you need to find the best curbing companies in Renton? AC Paving Northwest Inc has the people and products to maintain or restore your curbing.

When you are sitting at the steering wheel of a car, it can be difficult to tell exactly where the tires and other parts of your vehicle are located. Where parking spaces are small and parking is limited, curbing can make for more efficient use of the existing space, without the concern of pulling into the front bumper of a facing vehicle. Wheel stops prevent the vehicle from pulling too far forward and restricting the space allotted for pedestrian traffic.

While curbs can prevent damage to vehicles and property features, the curbs can become damaged due to bumps and to destructive weather conditions. Curbs are constantly in contact with tires and other damage-causing objects. We at AC Paving Northwest will provide you with reliable maintenance to keep your curbs in peak condition or responsive repair to restore the safety and functionality of your property.

Properly installed asphalt curbs help to manage water runoff. Excessive water flow will cause damage to the curb itself and can leave potholes in the surface of your parking lot. You don’t want pedestrians to have to walk through ankle-deep puddles after it rains, because the water sits in a low spot and has nowhere to go. Correctly positioned and aesthetically appealing curbs prevent tripping hazards for pedestrians using the areas.

Extruded or pre-cast curbs are durable, economical and can be placed on an asphalt base in the exact position where they are needed. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to assist in placement and in installation. Whether you need curb repair or curb replacement AC Northwest has the right people and techniques to get the job done quickly and accurately. In some instances, depending on the amount of damage to the existing curbs, it may be necessary to remove it, repair the underlying surface and place a new unit on the correct spot.

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