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Four Benefits Achieved From Curbing Installation

If you are a business owner or homeowner you have probably been assessed for parking and curbs creation and repair at some time or another. While you may recognize the importance of paved parking lots, streets and sidewalks, you may be as excited about the curbs which are often installed at the same time. Read further to learn of at least four benefits achieved from curbing installation.

AC Paving Northwest has the expertise and equipment to help property owners mark the various boundaries of the parking lot, sidewalks, and other space by installing curbs. Curbs tend to stop vehicles from approaching too close to buildings, walkways or other construction. While a curb is not a fail-safe barrier to a moving vehicle, it does tend to slow down the approach, or at least to remind the driver to think about where the vehicle is in proximity to pedestrians and buildings.

Correctly installed curbing helps to direct the flow of water in ways that avoid pools or large puddles. The water can be carried easily to underground storm drains, rather than causing problems with erosion and flooding. When both vehicles and pedestrians are using the space, walkers are less likely to be forced to wade through standing water.

When curbing is in place, it is easier to maximize the use of parking space, particularly if striping is also installed at the same time. Curbs at efficient angles remind drivers that directional practices when parking helps to park more vehicles in the existing space.

A curb between sidewalks and vehicle traffic is a safety feature. Pedestrians have a place to walk without being struck by cars and trucks. They are also less likely to be splashed by rainwater from the wet pavement. Contact AC Paving Northwest for help in learning more about our services. We can design and install your entire paved area of walks or parking.

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