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Eliminate Liability Issues With A Striping And Crack Filling Contractor In Seattle

Many business owners in Western Washington would be surprised to discover just how much the exterior of their properties affects their conversion and retention rates. After all, no one wants to patronize an establishment at the risk of spraining their ankle or damaging their vehicle. The best and most popular companies in this region all have one thing in common: beautiful, accessible parking lots. At AC Paving Northwest, we’re proud to be the preferred striping and crack filling contractor in Seattle. If your parking lot has large cracks, dents, or even potholes in it, you’re probably missing out on a significant amount of business. Many consumers will turn away from your lot and head over to the locations of your competitors when they see that you aren’t taking care of your maintenance in this area. When people do choose to patronize you, you’ll be taking on a substantial amount of risk. If anyone has an automotive accident or a trip and fall accident on your property, you could be found as being negligent in your duty of care. The costs of negligence and oversight in these areas can be quite high. Even a single personal injury claim can be devastating for any growing business. All of these things are also true for property managers. It’s virtually impossible to attract high-quality, desirable tenants when you aren’t making enough effort to keep parking lots and other paved common areas in good condition. Moreover, when tenants, prospective tenants, or visitors stumble and fall in these spaces, the ensuing personal injury claims can be financially harmful to owners. We provide an affordable range of options in asphalt and paving replacement and repair. When cracks and indentations need to be filled, we can handle these things in a fast, efficient manner. If your parking lot is in a disarray, our parking lot striping services can create order and greater ease of use. Do you need reputable parking lot repair contractors to restore your residential or commercial property back to an attractive, functional condition? With heavy seasonal rains and increasingly long periods of dry, drought-like conditions, Western Washington is notorious for its bad streets, sidewalks, and other paved surfaces. Call (425) 888-1700 today for a free quote! We’ve got you covered for curbing, striping, patching, replacement, and more!
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