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Insights On Parking Lot Paving In Renton

Parking lot paving is an operation that must be conducted with care and skill. A poorly done parking lot may cause damage to the vehicles. Therefore, it is very essential to involve professional contractors when doing a car park expansion or upgrade. Below are some of the important factors to consider when seeking parking lot paving in Renton.

i. The type of pavement

The first thing to consider is the type of pavement required. There are different methods, techniques, and materials that we use in paving. Asphalt is most commonly used since it is affordable and durable. Additionally, it can adapt to extreme condition since it is flexible to expand and contract. Other types of pavement options include pavers and concrete.

ii. The work needed on the pavement

Does the car park require complete repaving or simply an overlay? As pavement experts, we help you ascertain the kind of work required on the car park. However, there are certain visible signs that can help to decide the type of work required. For instance, alligator cracks indicate a problem with the base and might require repaving. In the case of potholes and cracks, the facility might only require spot treatment repairs.

iii. Maintenance

Even though asphalt is a good selection for the parking lot paving, it requires a lot of maintenance. However, taking care of the pavement will prevent the maintenance cost to reduce significantly. For instance, the seal coating should be done regularly to protect the surface against oxidation and spills. In addition, sealing appearing cracks and patching deteriorating sections will help to prevent water from seeping to the base structure.

A maintenance routine helps to preserve the lifespan of the pavement. Cracks, loose aggregates, ruts or any other issue should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage. If such issues are left unattended, the damage could become severe and repair cost increase.

iv. Contractor

Since there are a lot of contractors offering pavement solutions, it is difficult to find the most suitable. Picking a company that has immense experience will guarantee quality work. A good contractor should put attention to details to ensure the space looks great.

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