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The Best Parking Lot Repair In Seattle

For larger paving projects like the parking lot requires critical factors to be considered to ensure the result is exemplary. A contractor with the right understanding of the best parking lot repair in Seattle will go a long way in ensuring that you are satisfied with the outcome. Here are some of the best paving solutions that we provide.

Before we start the project, we will walk you through all the paving solutions at your disposal, keeping in mind your budget. For instance, cleaning and sweeping the asphalt paving. You will be surprised that by this simple step, the surface texture and life span of your pavement would change. We clean to remove dirt and debris from the surface, or other vehicle fluids that damage the asphalt and make it to deteriorate quickly.

We apply seal coating to your asphalt to protect and prolong its lifespan. The seal coat will act as a protective layer that keeps damaging UV rays, water and vehicle fluids at bay. The service should be performed once every three to five years. Crack and pothole filling is another excellent way to renovate your asphalt lot. When we see that your asphalt has a few cracks here and there, we undertake to fill them up.

The cracks and pothole are caused by the expansion and contraction of water that penetrated the asphalt and is underground. Filling up the cracks will ensure there is no further damage of water. If your paving is cleaned, leveled and is structurally capable of bonding with an overlay, then your lot is an excellent candidate for asphalt overlays. This is the most demanded service when it comes to parking-lot repair.

We conduct repaving services. When the paving has huge alligator cracks or it’s crumbling, then this is the right service to go for. We assess the severity of the damage so that we outline what needs to be done correctly. Whether your paving needs sweeping or repaving, you are assured that at AC Paving Northwest Inc provide the best service. Call us now at 425-888-1700 to book an appointment.

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