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Parking Lot Striping Is A Service Necessary For Your Business

A vacant area right next to your brick and mortar store cannot be just regarded as place where your customers could have their vehicles parked. First, it needs to be properly paved. Second, it has to have the appropriate markings. You can leave your parking lot striping needs to us, AC Paving Northwest, if you’re a business owner in the greater Seattle, WA area.

Every single mark and line has a particular meaning defined by the law. More importantly, each one of them is placed right where they’re needed the most. There are standard measurements that have to be taken into consideration. They are essential not only for keeping parked vehicles in line but also facilitating an organized traffic flow.

What’s more, each color employed has a significance. Yellow and white are some of the most commonly seen ones. Blue is also used for marking areas or amenities specifically provided for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Clearly, every single element has a role to play.

The safety of your customers is not the only one that needs to be taken into account. Definitely, you should also consider your money-making venture. Providing your return and new customers with an appropriate and a nice-looking parking space is good for the image of your business. If your customers find it a delight to park, they will surely come back.

As a business owner, you cannot just grab a bucket of paint and a paint brush and then start painting random lines. In order to convert a vacant area into a designated place for parking the vehicles of your customers, the right markings in the appropriate colors have to be placed. Otherwise, it will only cause confusion among car owners that can lead to accidents and expensive lawsuits.

What you need to do is to leave the striping task to the experts. No other service provider in the area is more suited for the job than us, AC Paving Northwest. We’ve been doing such task for almost two decades now, so you can rest assured that we know by heart what we’re doing.

Pick up the phone and dial 425-888-1700 or simply fill out the form on our Contact page to get in touch with us. Since 2000, we’re being approached and trusted by many local business owners for their asphalt paving, repair, patching and other related needs. Our reliable and experienced team of experts are ready to work for you as soon as you give us the go signal!

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