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Seal Coat Asphalt Driveway Project In North Bend, WA Completed

Although our name refers to ‘paving’ we are also noted for our other services, procedures, and products. One of the services we provide is that of seal coating. A recent project which we completed was to seal coat asphalt driveway surfaces in the North Bend, Washington area. While there are many new homes in the North Bend area, there are also homes which have been there for long enough that their driveways are showing signs of deterioration.

We have the products and expertise to apply sealcoat to driveways before they reach a state of complete deterioration. Asphalt deterioration begins with minor cracks due to pressure, expansion, and contraction of the surface; weather erosion and even plant roots which expand in minute cracks and make them more substantial. Irrespective of the cause of the deterioration, it is important to take action before the damage goes too far.

When comes to the North Bend, WA project, our residential customer was experiencing damage to the surface of the driveway. The damage had not yet progressed to the point where it was necessary to remove and replace the driveway surface. Instead, a minor cleaning, repair and seal coating was implemented by our crew of two technicians.

In taking care of the project, the first step was to use a pressure washer on the surface in order to remove as much of the loose dirt and gravel as possible. A pressure washer process also eliminates any oil or grease residue which can cause issues with the adhesion of seal coat to underlying asphalt. Pressure washing is an effective way of cleaning surfaces such as asphalt without causing additional damage to the underlying surface.

The next step during the process was to use our crack fill product to fill imperfections in the surface. Smoothing out the surface with the product leaves a pristine and level field that is ready for the final step in the process. The technicians on the job next applied one coat of A-100 seal coat to the cleaned and leveled asphalt.

We have the equipment and products to perform the coating process accurately and efficiently. Our knowledge of paving and sealcoating processes indicates that it is important for the area to be fully coated in an even layer. No gaps or thin places should be permitted, as they can cause the cracks or damage to recur, Unevenness in the top layer can cause moisture to pool in low problems.

The product used for the project is A-100. It combines the latest technology, performance and value to result in a superior product, the best of sealer on the market today. The product is reinforced asphalt with polymers and special surfactants. This gives the product superior adhesion, durability and flexibility.

When searching for a reliable asphalt sealcoating contractor, we have the right characteristics to get the job done properly. We have multiple years of experience in the paving and driveway repair industry. Our contractors are skilled and have extensive experience in the work. Our customers respect the results they get from our paving and sealing teams.

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