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Choosing A Sealcoating Contractor In Renton

Sealcoating is the ideal preventative maintenance to extend the life of your paved surface, maintain that pristine appearance, and save expenses over its lifetime. Are you looking for reliable information about a qualified sealcoating contractor in Renton? Do you need sealcoating services in Renton, Washington or the surrounding cities of Seattle, Issaquah and Bellevue? AC Paving Northwest has extensive experience in the industry, both for paving and repair of paved surfaces.

Monitoring the condition of the surface and conducting regular maintenance helps from an aesthetic standpoint, as well as from economic reasons. It is a great idea to hand over the responsibility for maintenance and repair of the asphalt to a professional contracting firm like AC Paving Northwest, Inc. Our services and products are affordable and we can provide many years of performance and beauty.

The process of asphalt maintenance includes fixing potholes, cracks and decayed areas where loose gravel or rocks are seen. We apply hot asphalt to the areas needing repair. The mixture is composed of tar, bitumen, sand, and rock and is left to harden as it cools, usually over 24 hours. You can count on our professional team to assess the damaged areas and make a correct plan of the amount of repair which is needed for your asphalt surface. We can fix minor issues, or provide a full-sized resurfacing. In either instance, we will advise you of the most affordable solution.

It is recommended that you consider the application of sealcoating prior to the time when deterioration of the surface has begun. Applying a layer of the mixture can substantially increase the expected life of your asphalt surfaces.

If you wait until the damage has advanced, at a later phase of its life, it is likely that the original pavement will require more effort to fix. We will submit the surface to a thorough cleaning, making use of brooms, sweepers or even power washing equipment to get rid of all the loose debris. We will then prime any oily areas and fill any cracks or potholes before applying the final coat.

Our people are thoroughly trained and experienced in the necessary products and techniques to get a job done correctly. We have the right equipment to perform jobs of any size and complexity. Often, we can complete repairs in just a few hours. This minimizes the negative effects on your customers or your family members. When you are looking for the facts about sealcoating companies in Renton, AC Paving Northwest can help. Call (425) 888-1700 today for a free quote!

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