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Three Reasons To Start Taking Better Care Of Your Asphalt Paving

At AC Paving Northwest, we are a trusted paving and sealcoating contractor in the greater Western Washington area. We service companies and consumers in Renton, Washington and the surrounding areas. Whether you live in or have a business in Bellevue, Seattle, Issaquah, or Bellingham, we can help you keep your asphalt paving in excellent condition. Following are three solid reasons to schedule our services today.

The Puget Sound region is known for its heavy rainy seasons. In recent years, residents have had to contend with excessively dry summers that are then followed by excessively wet autumn, winter, and spring weather. This wreaks havoc on pavement of any type and accounts for why freeways and city streets are filled with potholes and other visible signs of damage.

As a property owner, it’s important to take good care of these surfaces if you want to avoid both legitimate and frivolous premises liability suits. Chips, cracks, potholes, and other problems can result in physical harm to people who visit you or even to those who happen to be entering you property without your permission. They can also cause automotive damages and damage other personal property.

For commercial property owners, it’s important to consider how the state of your driveways, parking lots, walkways, and other surfaces are impact the overall appeal of your business. If people see that they can hurt themselves or cause harm to their vehicles, they may choose to visit your competitors’ locations. We make it easy to keep these spaces both aesthetically beautiful and functional. Not only do we offer paving and repair services, but we also offer striping, curbing, sealcoating, and more.

In Western Washington, working with a seal coating contractor is a great way to ensure that your investments in these areas last longer. As a top-rated Renton WA paving contractor, we work hard to ensure that our clients get optimum returns on the money they spend. Is it time to improve upon your parking areas, private street, driveway, or walkways? If so, give us a call at 435-888-1700 and we’ll give you a no-cost, hassle-free quote!

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