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Top Signs That You Need Professional Parking Lot Maintenance Contractors In Seattle

Are you looking for reputable parking lot maintenance contractors in Seattle? AC Paving Northwest Inc. Provides the best parking lots maintenance services in Renton, WA, and surrounding cities of Seattle, Issaquah, and Bellevue. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality installation and repair services for asphalt driveways and car parks. At times, you may fail to realize when your pavement or driveway needs an upgrade or renovation. The rest of this post outlines the key signs that indicate it is time to repair your car parks.

Presence of Alligator Cracks

As the name suggests, these cracks appear like those found on the skin of reptiles. They are mainly shallow and commonly called fatigue cracks. These indicate structural weakness on your pavements that can break under pressure. Luckily, our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your driveways and car parks to identify such cracks before they worsen. We apply a high-quality sealant to prevent any more damage.


Potholes develop when the water trapped under the surface of your pavements contract and expand frequently. This contraction and expansion form weak points on the surface of the pavement, making it crack under pressure leading to potholes. Call us anytime you spot a pothole in your garage or car park, and we shall repair it before it turns out to be a serious problem. We schedule our maintenance to correspond to hours with no or minimal traffic at your business for perfect repairs for commercial parking lots.

Pooling of Water

Inappropriate leveling when installing an asphalt cap can lead to the pooling of water that may remain on the pavement or driveways for days. Our experts will level the surfaces evenly to ensure water drains properly and spends the least time possible on the pavements. We uphold the best professional standards during parking lot paving service to avoid any errors that may compromise the quality of our work. When repairing areas where water stagnates, our specialists raise these sections with layers of asphalt mix while hot. We also dig out to establish the root cause of the problem during the inspection.


The presence of faded color on your pavement implies that it is becoming old with time. Unfortunately, old pavements are prone to damages since they are brittle. Such fragility is caused by direct exposure to sunlight and other harsh weather conditions. The good news is that our experts are well experienced in seal coating that will keep such worries at bay. Our professional asphalt parking lot seal coating will be sufficient to extend the lifespan of your pavement. We may, however, recommend a complete replacement if the damage is extensive. When in need of any of these services, call (425) 888-1700 today for a free quote!

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