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Why Hire Us For Residential Asphalt Driveway Installation In Seattle

If you live in King County, then you know just how hard the local climate can be on paved surfaces. It’s virtually impossible to travel down the freeway or drive through Seattle city streets without encountering major potholes and other depressions. Unfortunately, these are developments that occur on residential properties as well. Following are several reasons to hire AC paving northwest for your residential asphalt driveway installation in Seattle and the greater King County.

To start, we want to help you avoid liability issues. If you leave your current surface in a severe state of repair, you can be fighting liability claims in no time. Structural damages in these areas can result in trip and fall accidents, twisted ankles, and broken bones. Creating smooth, reliable surfaces that are easy to traverse is an important part of fulfilling your homeowner’s duty of care.

We also offer driveway seal coating in Renton and beyond. These are secondary services for extending the lifetime of paved surfaces. They can be especially important in Western Washington given the tremendous amount of rain that this region gets. Coating your paved surfaces will prevent them from absorbing water and losing their structural integrity over time. When you pay for these services, you’ll pay less for driveway replacements and repairs throughout the years.

As a top-rated residential paving business, we know just how important these areas are when it comes to making the right impression. This is definitely the case for consumers who intend to sell their homes soon. There are few better ways to improve the curbside appeal of any house than by making sure that its pavement is in excellent condition.

One of the best reasons for working with us is our exceptional customer service. We are completely transparent with our pricing and always offer the most competitive rates in the region. Our seasoned team of installation experts can help you find the right solutions for your property and your budget. Do you need a new driveway in Renton or Seattle? Get a free quote by calling (425) 888-1700.

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