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Why You Should Hire Sealcoat Contractors In Seattle

When it comes to maintaining the paved surfaces on your property, anything that you can do to cut costs is a good idea. This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest where rainfall is both frequent and have. At AC Paving Northwest, we’re currently ranked as the most trusted sealcoat contractors in Seattle. To help our clients and prospective clients out, we want to share some of the impressive benefits that can be gained by having an asphalt overlay installed.

To start, these coatings protect the pavement from excess wear and tear. They seal out moisture so that cracks, gaps and other structural damages aren’t readily incurred. Your parking lots, sidewalks and other surfaces will capably stand up to the local weather for a very long time. By limiting your overall repair costs, treatments like these invariably pay for themselves.

Another good reason to start shopping for sealcoating near me is that these treatments can actually help expedite the melting of snow and ice. During the frosty months of winter, this is a great way to keep paved spaces operational while limiting the amount of clearing you have to do. People can safely traverse your grounds on foot and in their automobiles, even when the weather does its worst.

Both of the above-mentioned benefits can also be beneficial in preventing liability issues. Slip and fall accidents are far less likely to occur when grounds aren’t icy and when they’re structurally intact. If you’re ever called to prove that you’ve fulfilled your duty of care as a property owner, evidence of these treatments is guaranteed to help.

Sealcoating can actually be aesthetically pleasing as well. This is a highly functional treatment that can additionally add to the curbside appeal of your residential or commercial property. AC Paving Northwest offers professional pavement repair, sealcoating, and striping services at a price you can afford. Call (425) 888-1700 now to request a free quote!

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